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Scaling up the supply and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

 Join our follow-up sessions!

Dear colleagues, partners and aviation enthusiasts!


After the  high interest in our ASEAN Sustainable Aviation Fuels workshop, we continue our efforts to exchange on the enablers to scale up the supply and use of SAF in South East Asia and to facilitate establishing partnerships among interested parties.


Based on the vivid discussion and feedback received during our 3 day workshop in January, we have organized a series of follow-up sessions to provide further expert’s information around SAF, reverting back to your open questions and diving deeper into specific topics. We are pleased to receive continued support from our experts and partners, and welcome new contributors to discuss SAF from different perspectives. 

JOIN US for this series of FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS

to find out more about the current state of play of
Sustainable Aviation Fuels and future opportunities
through environmental developments in aviation in ASEAN.

The sessions will be app. 60-minute webinars, easy to engage and to follow just before the end of your working day, e.g., 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time [UTC+7h].

Webinar 1: Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Fuels Value Chains Alliance 

Presenter: Michal Kubicki & Zlatko Kregar, EU Commission Policy Officers and Intelligent Transport

How are governments, industry, research institutions and other key players planning and aligning for the energy transition required to make air transport carbon net-zero in the coming decades?

The Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance is a new initiative that focuses on boosting production and supply of renewable and low-carbon fuels in the aviation and waterborne sectors. It is a key flanking measure to the FuelEU Maritime and RefuelEU Aviation initiatives. The Alliance is a voluntary collaboration of stakeholders from across the transport fuels and other relevant value chains, from sourcing to end-users, as well as technology and finance providers for each step in the value chain. They represent both the fuels supply and demand sides from the aviation and waterborne sectors, as well as civil society organisation, governments and their agencies. The Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance kicked off on 6 April 2022 with an open call for membership applications.

Timing: 07 June 2022, 15:00 - 16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)

Watch record of webinar session: click on this link

Webinar 2:  EU/EASA Eco Label

Presenter: Gernot Kessler, EASA, Principal Advisor to the SM Director

Are we as passengers aware of how “green” our flight options are? Do we have the tools to compare flight tickets in terms of CO2 emissions before making our choice, as we do it for food in the supermarket?

EASA is developing an ‘Eco Label’ programme, with a view to provide the public and the flying passenger with accurate and complete information about the environmental impact of their different flight options. The future label is foreseen to involve the dimensions Flight, Aircraft and Airline, while also ATM and local effects at individual airports might be considered. The programme is strongly supported on political level and by market stakeholders, in response to the growing demand and expectations by the general public. The initiative is also raising some interest in ASEAN, with major airlines willing to better understand the concept and its practical deployment.

Timing: 14 June 2022, 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)

Watch record of webinar session:  click on this link

Webinar 3:  SAF Certification (ASTM) and new pathways

Presenter: Andreas Busa, EASA, Sustainability Officer

What do SAF producers need to consider through the fuel certification process?  What is needed to ensure the successful introduction of new SAF production pathways?

This session will present an update on the latest developments on SAF certification including Industry Standard Practices (i.e., ASTM) and the Clearing House initiative, considering not only the current type of SAF, but also the necessary enablers to pave the road for a seamless introduction of new SAF types.

Timing: 28 June 2022, 10:00-11:00h Brussels, 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h).

Watch record of webinar session:  click on this link

Webinar 4: SAF benefits beyond CORSIA

Presenter: Ms Africa Abajas, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project Expert

What are the SAF benefits beyond CORSIA? How can SAF contribute to the reduction of indirect emissions (Scope 3)? 

This session will present SAF from a different perspective and discuss, in particular, the role of the private sector (even stakeholders outside the aviation industry) in promoting and scaling up of SAF.


Ms Africa Abajas, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project Expert, will showcase how SAF can contribute to societies and corporations looking at solutions to address Scope 3 emissions in their supply chain. Indeed, as outlined in the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Report “powering sustainable aviation through consumer demand” published in June 2021, corporations firmly expressed their will to pay for the emission reductions provided through SAF and to pay from 5 to 10% increase in airfare costs. Several airlines (e.g. Cathay Pacific , KLM ) have already launched their CORPORATE SAF programme to accelerate the global transition to sustainable aviation, while providing to their customers a clear documentation of the Scope 3 emissions reductions. Airbus, as aircraft manufacturer, has extended its disclosure to include the in-use emissions of commercial aircraft delivered in 2019 and 2020 (Scope 3 - Use of sold products: discloses the emissions produced by its products during their operation)


Join us to know more about the benefits of SAF beyond CORSIA!!

Timing: 4 August 2022, 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)

Watch record of webinar session:  click on this link

What's coming next? 

Stay tuned for additional sessions planned for the coming months on the the following subjects:

  • SAF Sustainability Certification Schemes


Feel free to share the invitation including the Webex links with other interested organisations/professionals. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your organisations and exploring together with a wide range of experts the opportunities around SAF in ASEAN.



This project is funded by the European Union


This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA

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