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EU-South East Asia Cooperation on
Mitigating Climate Change impact from Civil Aviation:
Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation

Thank you for joining our webinars on Sustainable Aviation Fuels! 

Looking back at 2023, we are very thankful and proud that our series of 17 Sustainable Aviation Fuels Webinars has attracted more than 1500 participants.

Over 25 different experts around the whole SAF value chain shared their experience on the upscale of SAF and actively exchanged with the audience on how to best address the challenges.  

We would like to thank all guest speakers and our loyal audience for your participation and active engagement during the sessions. 

Your EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project Team

Santiago Haya-Leiva, Ralph Kossmann, Rebekka Freienstein, Decha Maliyan; Thita Pongdara, Chiara Boscagli, Monica Bonfanti




  • Dr. Mark Misselhorn, Caphenia

  • Steven Bartholomeusz, Neste ASAP



  • Thomas René Bock, System Manager, Lead Aviation & Maritime, ISCC

  • George Deslandes, Certification Manager, RSB



  • Steven le Moing, Sustainable Aviation Fuels Manager, Airbus

  • Nicolas Jeuland, Fellow expert for Aviation environmental impact assessment and low carbon fuels, Safran

  • Stéphane Rouault, Zero Emissions Technology Expert, Airbus

  • Cyrille Schwob, Head of Technology in Asia-Pacific, Airbus



  • Sebastian Koch, SAF Expert – EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project – CBR ClimateTech & Sustainability

  • Raphaela Spielberg, SAF Expert – EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project – CBR ClimateTech & Sustainability



  • Christoph Behrendt-Rieken, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project SAF Expert, CBR ClimateTech& Sustainability, CEO

  • Dr. Georg Markowz, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project SAF Expert, CBR ClimateTech & Sustainability, Senior Technology



  • Daniel Brousse Rivas, EASA Sustainability Aviation Officer


  • Christoph Behrendt-Rieken, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project SAF Expert, CBR ClimateTech& Sustainability, CEO

  • Dr. Chiara Boscagli, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project SAF Expert & CBR ClimateTech & Sustainability, Senior Project Manager


  • Ken Lau, Senior Manager – Environment and Airport IT, Airport Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific

  • Takahiro OHMIYA, Manager business group of the refueling business  Narita International Airport (NRT) Corporation


  • Veronica Pamia, Vice President External Relations & Sustainability ADR, Aereoporti di Roma

  • Ruggero Poli,  Head of Energy & Decarbonisation, Aereoporti di Roma


  • Jianyi Chen, WEF, Financing the Transition

  • Anne Carnall, WEF, Clean Skies for Tomorrow

  • Tony Rooke, Executive Director, Sectoral Pathways and Real Economy, Transition Plans,       Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), Asia-Pacific Network

  • Jimmy Samartzis, CEO Lanzajet


  • Steve Arrowsmith, EASA, Chief Expert - Environmental Protection

  • Joonas Laukia, EASA, Environment Expert


  • Adrienne Gibbs, World Economic Forum, Clean Skies for Tomorrow Policy Lead 

  • Dr. Anjan Ray, Director Indian Industry of Petroleum, India

  • Sonum Gayatri Malhotra, Clean Skies for Tomorrow, India Lead


  • Kelvin Lee, IATA, Assistant Director External Affairs & Sustainability 

  • Chen Fook Ping, Singapore Airlines, Vice-President of Sustainability

Presenter: Ms Africa Abajas, EU-SEA CCCA CORSIA Project Expert

Presenter: Andreas Busa, EASA, Sustainability Officer

Presenter: Gernot Kessler, EASA, Principal Advisor to the SM Director

Presenter: Michal Kubicki & Zlatko Kregar, EU Commission Policy Officers and Intelligent Transport

This project is funded by the European Union


This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA

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