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Project Management

Remotely organised

29 July 2020

Presentation in ACCSQ WG2

The ACCSQ WG2 invited the Project Manager and the Project Lead Environmental Expert to present the progress and achievements of the project, especially in the field of CORSIA accreditation of Verification Bodies (VB). The meeting was also the opportunity for the ACCSQ WG members to express the areas where further support could be explored for the WP 2021. 


The main areas of action identified by the ACCSQ WG2 members to be considered for the next Work Plan, refer to further support of the CORSIA accreditation process of VB and capacity building for GHG Assessors.

Bali, Indonesia

17 December 2019

1st Project Management Board Meeting

The representatives of the State Authorities and National Accreditation Bodies of the ASEAN Member States, together with the representatives of the European Union and the Project Team, met in Bali to discuss and finally approved the Work Plan for 2020.

The Work Plan 2020 focuses on: 

  • Supporting the ASEAN States to achieve the CORSIA Emission Reporting commitments for 2020,

  • Facilitating the progress in upgrading State Action Plans for CO2 reduction from civil aviation, and

  • Assisting the State Authorities in developing IT capabilities in support to CORSIA reporting.

EASA Office, Brussels

28 November 2019

First Project Steering Committee Meeting

The Project Team presented the proposed Work Plan for 2020 to the Project Steering Committee. The members of the Committee, representing the different services of the European Commission concerned with the project (DG-Move, DG-Clima and EEAS), the EU Member States, the Non-Governmental Organisations active in Climate Change Action and the EU Aviation Industry, endorsed the proposed Work Plan and concurred on its relevance to support the ASEAN Member State in meeting the International commitments in CO2 reduction from Civil Aviation. 

This project is funded by the European Union


This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA

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