ASEAN Regional Activities

28 July 2020


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Workshop on new ISO 14065:2013 standard for ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standard and Quality (ACCSQ) Working group (WG) 2

Short information on the workshop:

The main objective of the workshop in the context of the cooperation with ASEAN countries, was to provide a training and guidance on the implementation of the new ISO 14065:2013 standard and accreditation program to the national accreditation bodies of the 10 ASEAN countries, suitable for offering a CORSIA scope of accreditation to candidate verification bodies.

01 July 2020


Magnitute check control for ASEAN States Authorities Workshop

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Short information on the workshop:

This 2nd Workshop was organized with the main objective to provide further support to the Aeroplane Operators (AOs) in the ASEAN region in the aim to facilitate the reporting process and to support State Authorities that are obliged to verify the emission reports submitted by their AOs and already verified by the VBs starting as of  1st of June 2020.

The aim of the workshop was to support all CORSIA actors in meeting the requirements and complying with the deadline 31st August 2020 to submit the reports to ICAO.

07 - 08 November 2019

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Emission Reporting Training

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Short information on the workshop:

The main objective of this 2- day workshop was to support and increase the capacity of State Authorities (SAs) and Aeroplane Operators (AOs) from the ASEAN region in filling and managing Emissions Reports (ERs) so that they are  able to comply with ICAO CORSIA deadlines. In particular, this workshop allowed participants to gain in-depth knowledge of the basic ER principles using a learning-by-doing approach to understand the ER excel forms.

This project is funded by the European Union

This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA