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New sessions are coming!

Scaling up the supply and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

Don’t miss the future editions of our successful series of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Webinars to exchange on the scale-up of SAF in South-East Asia and to facilitate exchange among interested parties.

Please stay tuned for additional sessions planned in 2023!

​For this we kindly ask you for your input & ideas. 

Help us to shape the next series and give us your feedback here! 

What’s coming next?


New webinars of the series on Sustainable Aviation Fuels are being planned until the end of the year. We will continue addressing SAF thematic topics, hopefully providing a meaningful contribution to your efforts to scale up SAF in South-East Asia and to facilitate establishing partnerships. 


We are working hard to prepare a full program addressing the expressed interests by the participants in the previous webinars. So far, will cover the following topics:

  • Hydrogen in the de-carbonisation of aviation – The Manufacturer’s Perspective.

  • Financing SAF Production –Available funds (private and public), challenges, access mechanisms, the role of debt and equity capital providers.

  • Partnerships along the SAF value chain – Showcasing the collaboration of leaders across the value chain: how to jointly scale the global production of SAF.

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel – The Producer’s Perspective.

  • Sustainability Certification of SAF - How does the deployment of certification schemes currently look like? What resources are available to provide accreditation services?

  • Book and Claim – What is it and how it will contribute to the scaling up of SAF? What are the requirements from the industry? What are the main concerns being addressed?

  • CO2 Emission Reduction Potentials - Technologies, Operations and other Levers to achieve Net-Zero aviation in 2050.


In the coming weeks we will be rolling the next webinars and will provide the detailed schedule until the end of the year.


Our great thanks go out to the loyal audience for their continued interest and to the experts from all over the world that are so kind to share their expertise and knowledge with the ASEAN community!! 

Find all recordings of previous workshops saved here:


(Santiago Haya-LeivaRalph Kossmann, Rebekka Freienstein, Thita Pongdara, Monica Bonfanti)

This project is funded by the European Union


This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA

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