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Scaling up the supply and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

Dear colleagues, partners and aviation enthusiasts!


We will continue with our series of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Webinars to exchange on the scale up of SAF in South-East Asia and to facilitate establishing partnerships among interested parties.


We have organized three new sessions to provide further expert’s information around SAF and to dive deeper into specific topics. We are pleased to receive continued support from our experts and partners, and welcome new contributors to discuss SAF from different perspectives.

Join us in the upcoming SAF Webinars!!

Find out more about the state of play of Sustainable Aviation Fuels and future opportunities through environmental developments in aviation in ASEAN.


The sessions will be 60-minute webinars, easy to engage and to follow just before the end of your working day (i.e., 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time -[UTC+7h]).

Webinar 8: Financing of SAF

Timing: 07 December 2022, 15:00-16:15h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)


  • Jianyi Chen, WEF, Financing the Transition

  • Anne Carnall, WEF, Clean Skies for Tomorrow

  • Tony Rooke, Executive Director, Sectoral Pathways and Real Economy, Transition Plans, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), Asia-Pacific Network

  • Representative from Lanzajet

Are investors willing to put funds into scaling SAF use? What are the primary risks of investment? What financial instruments can policymakers provide to help de-risk investment? What’s the impact of SAF policies currently in force? 

There is now widespread recognition that SAF represents a technologically feasible component to decarbonize this hard-to-abate industry. Nation States affirmed their commitment to a net-zero aviation industry by 2050 during the International Civil Aviation Organization’s 41st General Assembly. Airlines, corporate buyers and producers have shown their commitment to SAF through offtake agreements representing over 35 billion liters of fuel as well as through their ongoing engagement in the book and claim schemes. However, fuel providers and industry are still lacking the necessary investment to scale up production rapidly in order to meet growing demand. The financing and aviation experts from the World Economic Forum will be joined by Tony Rooke, Executive Director, Sectoral Pathways and Real Economy, Transition Plans from the GFANZ Asia-Pacific Network and Lanzajet. to explore the current global landscape for financing of SAF and discuss how to build the stable policy and regulatory environment that’s needed to unlock the necessary investment to scale SAF rapidly in the coming years.

Timing: 07 December 2022, 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)

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Webinar 9: The Role of Airports in SAF Upscale (1), Rome Fiumicino (FCO/LIRF)

Timing: 13 December 2022, 15:00-16:00h Bangkok time (UTC+7h)


  • Veronica Pamia, Vice President External Relations & Sustainability ADR, Aereoporti di Roma

What is the role of airports in the upscaling of SAF? What is there for airports as incentive to proactively engage in SAF uptake? How is green financing facilitating the readiness of airports’ infrastructure for SAF upscale? How the airport green strategies and policies fit into the State initiatives?”

Last year, Aereoporti di Roma (Fiumicino and Ciampino) secured a €500 million Sustainability-Linked Bond (SLB), as part of a wider green finance strategy. The airport operator is the first to launch an SLB, linking the cost of debt to the sustainability results achieved. This green financing mechanism will link the availability of funding to the airports’ carbon management performance and will be focused on investment in projects with a positive environmental impact. 

The bond issue is thus directly connected to environmental commitments to achieving net zero for CO2 emissions under its control  by 2030 (scope 1 and 2), reducing CO2 emissions relating to access to the airports by 10 per cent by 2030 on a per-passenger basis (scope 3). This is to be achieved through the installation of more than 500 charging stations for electric vehicles and enhancing the capacity of the railway station at the airport and through the upscale of SAF. 

Aereoporti di Roma signed an agreement with local SAF producers that has facilitated the engagement of an Italian national airline – ITA Airways – and a nearby refinery to start supplying SAF to airline’s first 10 flights on 15 October 2021.

In addition to the initiatives in the airport ecosystem, Aeroporti di Roma has promoted the wider “Pact for the Decarbonisation of the Air Transport Industry”, an Italian observatory aimed at guiding the sector’s transition, with a strong academic support

Join us in the Webinar to know more about their experiences, lessons learnt and to interact with the speakers to know more about your particular interest! 


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What's coming next? 

Stay tuned for additional sessions planned for the coming months on the following subjects:

  • The role of the Airport in SAF upscale (2): ACI perspective and Asia-Pacific experience

  • SAF Sustainability Certification Schemes

  • The role of the Aviation Authority in SAF upscale


Feel free to share the invitation including the Webex links with other interested organizations /professionals.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your organizations and exploring together with a wide range of experts the opportunities around SAF in ASEAN.


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