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New sessions are coming!

Scaling up the supply and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

Don’t miss the next three editions of our successful series of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Webinars to exchange on the scale-up of SAF in Southeast Asia and to facilitate exchange among interested parties.


We have expanded the project team to support the rising demand for up-to-date SAF information. The team has held variety of webinars and workshops since its introduction and will be providing you with further sessions on the Future Market Outlook of SAF, highlighting various facets of SAF.  


In the upcoming three sessions, they will dive deeper into the subject of CORSIA Eligible Fuels (CEF) giving you insights into the role of hydrogen in decarbonizing aviation. In addition, they will offer a general overview of the SAF Producers’ Perspective and Sustainability Certifications.

Please stay tuned for additional sessions planned in 2023!

​For this we kindly ask you for your input & ideas. 

Help us to shape the next series and give us your feedback here! 

Find all recordings of previous workshops saved here:


(Santiago Haya-LeivaRalph Kossmann, Rebekka Freienstein, Thita Pongdara, Monica Bonfanti)


This project is funded by the European Union

This project is implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA

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